Sunday, 26 July 2009

Yank gets Domestic

I have never felt very domestic, yes I bake and yes I paper craft but that it the extent. I don't sew, my housekeeping skills leave something to be desired, I can cook at a push but am not amazing. It is not from lack of trying to teach me on my mothers part she can sew, she can cook, she can knit, she put what I like to think my mighty fine ironing skills to shame. She did try to teach me to sew I don't think I ever finished the project. She tried to teach me to knit, this caused serious emotional damage to the both of us. So I wander through life being undomestic and for the most part I am quite happy to shell out the cold hard cash for services I am unable to preform but on Friday when the hem on my work skirt decided to come undone I had enough, that was it, I was going to fix it all by myself I was not going to shell out £15 to have it done professionally. Boosted on by a blog article I had fortuitously read a few days earlier on Fabulously Broke I headed out this weekend to the local haberdashery shop and picked up some wonder web and away I went.
The skirt in question, wonder web, iron, and damp rag

Measuring the wonder web for the part of the hem that had come undone

I tucked the wonder web under the hem covered with my damp cloth.

Then pressed with iron

Viola a fresh hem.

So maybe I am just a little bit domestic after all.


Fabulously Broke said...


Wonder Web!!!

Why didn't I think of that name? :) Wonderful.

Glad it worked out for you and my instructions were clear enough to follow.

Yankee in England said...

@FB just glad I saw the post a few days before. Yeah Wonder Web how great is that!

cowgirl in wellies said...

I have the same problem with undomesticity and I love wonder web. Unfortunately, I also have a problem with loving fantastic fabrics so I really need to get my head around sewing to do something with them. Great to find another Yank in England. I'm a Utah/New Mexico girl in the Midlands.