Thursday, 30 July 2009

Whats up with Yank?

I know I have not been blogging very much lately and I just suck that way. Sorry can't help it. So what has Yank been up to?

One of these has come to live at Casa de la Yank. Great bargain found second hand for less that half of retail price. Always makes you feel good.

Two of these have been ordered to adorn either side of the fire place. Not second hand but on sale feels good but not as good at above.

Spending lots of time reading and studying this. As well as practical lessons, have learned I have no desire to own a Mini Cooper.

Started reading this as everyone say I HAD too it was SO good. I am not taken at the moment but not that far into it. I think I might be getting old as I don't really relate with the teenage character.

Been trying out lots of recipes for these. Next Monday is the third Iron Cupcake competition I think I have found my entry but I have one more recipe to try later this week before I make up my entries this weekend.

Been loving this blog and this blog at the moment.

Gave up these like a month ago I think I don't know not making a big deal of it and so I am not counting days, weeks, months, hours, minutes, seconds. Just bought a whole round of patches and I guess when there gone then I'm done. Going low key this time.

In a cross over from my craft blog I have been really digging Jennifer's Tutorials on how to use Tim Holtz products and have been buy a product or two as I can and have started playing with them. Hopefully one day soon they will make it onto Yankee Crafts in England.

So I think you are all up to date for the moment.

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Michael5000 said...

Bookshelves: good!

No Smoking: good! well done!