Monday, 13 April 2009

Moving Day

So the new tenants of Casa de la Yank have been moved into there semi-permanent accommodation. I say semi-permanent because this was not the accommodation I wanted for them but after much looking at several places that sold plant accommodation with no luck finding what I wanted I gave up. I am sure that now I have re potted them I will find exactly what I am looking for.

My MIL and I went to Hyde Hall this afternoon, after a morning of working in her garden. This little fellow decided that he needed to come join me at my house. Looks like I am going to need more accommodations.

My MIL had a bag full of these bottle tops. Seriously how cool are these work just like a watering can. After a dig around in my recycle bin I found a bottle (I rinsed it really well as I am sure Diet Coke is engineered to KILL plants) and I was in business.

Can't really see the shower effect as I am trying to juggle the camera with my free hand. I am loving my new water bottle though.

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