Monday, 27 April 2009

Killing fairies and other detritis

I was informed today that if you reply thank you after someone say bless you for sneezing you kill a fairy. While I am not a believer in fairies I think I will err on the side of caution and come across rude as I don’t want to burn in hell for killing fairies.

Listing to the news on the radio Saturday morning I found it quite odd when the announcer said “Medical officials are doing everything they can today to stop the spread of swine flu.” Were they only going at it half heartedly yesterday and are they all on holiday tomorrow?

Watching TV yesterday I was subjected to an add selling beauty cream claiming to be the non surgical option to naturally beautiful skin. If I have to apply anything to my face does it not become unnatural, and if it is an alternative does that not also imply that surgery is a natural way to beautiful skin?


FB @ said...

I hate it when they say that "we're doing everything we can TODAY"

Why don't they just say: We're controlling the situation? And leave it at that.

I agree with beauty cream claims by the way. It won't ever erase wrinkles or give you your young skin back. women waste so much money on what is basically watered down moisturizer.. :)

Adding you to my reader!

Michael5000 said...

Since real fairies are fairly malicious bastards as I understand the situation, it's probably GOOD to kill 'em. Thank away! There will probably be lots of sneezing opportunities since no one has been working on the swine flu thing since April 27.