Saturday, 1 February 2014

Right Now

1. I finally got my hair cut after 8 months of never having the time. It feels so good to have my short hair again.

2. Joss is obsessed with when it will be her "Happy Birthday Day" she runs through a long list of family birthdays before hers on a regular basis many times a day

3. My parents are coming over in March and I am way beyond excited. Probably just as excited as Joss is for her "Happy Birthday Day"

4. Joss has started to refer to Jasper as Jaspy sot sure where this has come from as even though she has some speech problems she has always said Jasper pretty clear. It makes me think of the fact that Joss had so many nick names but really we only refer to Jasper as Little Man and Trouble. I have come to the conclusion there are worse things than Jaspy.

5. I have come to the stage where Jasper is not so reliant on me which makes me yurn for some me time but am finding implementing it hard. I really want to get back to being more active at the gym but as I only really enjoy classes finding the time when they are running is proving difficult.

6. Jasper is cutting more teeth. We have two more on the bottom and two on the top are close. Teething is evil right up there with potty training.

7. I still have 7lbs to loose from Jasper and it driving me mad that I can't seem to get in the mind set to loose it. I really want to enjoy my summer clothes this year and know I need to loose it to feel comfortable.

8. I felt we did really well focusing on the moment over the summer and into the Autumn and then when I went back to work it fell apart. I did lots of fun things with the kids and we did lots of outings. I know part of it is that the weather has been so crap for the last 6 weeks and part of it was moving into an area that just does not have much to offer but I need to push myself harder.

9. I really want to shake up my make up routine but in the past I have always relied on really knowledgable friends to help me and at the moment I am struggling. Think I am just going to have to do some trial and error.

10. I am really struggling to find a way of documenting our life that works for me. In the past I have been an avid scrapbooker but this is not something I can commit my time and energy to at the moment. I did make a 2013 photo book using Photobox but really want to find a happy medium that allows me to do more altering and journaling to document more. I got Photoshop for our anniversary in Sept and I think I need to find some tutorials and maybe look at digital scrapbooking. 

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