Thursday, 29 August 2013

August in Bullet Points

August has been crazy, it has been for the last three years as Philip's boss takes about three weeks off in August leaving him to run the show.  He has been pretty absent the last three weeks between the hours of 7am and 11.30pm Monday through Friday not leaving me much free time but we do make the most of weekends and the occasional "early" or him getting home around 4.30pm.  Our days have been full though.

  • This little man became an American he pretty much slept through the whole 8 hour journey and process and then proceeded not to sleep too well for two week ha!

  • We took Joss to her first Fun Fair at Chalkwell Park crossing that off our Summer Bucket List.  Man that girl has no fear the only thing that held her back was her height!

  • We enjoyed a trip to our favorite park in Maldon, sand castle construction was heavily supervised by Joss so that she could stomp on them once they were built

  • Much ice cream was consumed

  • But don't worry we practice good dental hygiene and mummy got choked up when Joss moved up into the next tooth paste age group.

  • Joss got her pasting skills on

  • This little man continued to fight sleep

  • Then after some tweaks to his routine finally realized that yeah sleep was good

  • Enjoyed some time at our local beach in Old Leigh

  • Enjoyed the bouncy castle fun day at our local park every week

  • Found a new favorite toy at the park which Joss can do herself which is a relief for me cause to be honest I was getting bored of pushing her on the swings for the whole time.

  • Joss decided to set the table herself one night and damn that kid is not bad for three years old

  • We headed of to London for what was suppose to be a trip to London Aquarium to check that off our bucket list but when we got there and found out the queue just to get tickets was 90 minutes we decided to just enjoy a walk around Covent Garden and a fabulous lunch at our favorite Mexican restaurant Wahaca, the food was amazing as usual. Joss had her fill of jumping in puddles and riding on buses and trains.

  • We visited the East Anglia Railway Museum which happened to be having a "Day out with Thomas" which didn't mean much to Joss as she isn't familiar with the Thomas characters but she loved being able to ride Thomas and the other characters from the series.

  • To cap the month off this little man at not even four months mastered the back to belly roll and now tummy time does not seem such a chore.  Not sure I am ready for him to be as mobile as he is but looks like this one is going to hit his milestone on the early side, who can blame him when he has a crazy sister he wants to try and keep up with!

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