Saturday, 1 October 2011

Time Goes On

This poor blog has been neglected and I am not sure it will get better to come. As with everything else the day seems to be over before half of what I want or need to do gets done. It is not to say that our days are not rich and full.

Jocelynne continues to grow and each milestone seems to happen faster than the last. Creeping around furniture quickly turned into tentative steps and now she toddles as if walking has been something she has done all her life.

First shoes were purchased and quickly out grown. Chattering seems to be turning into recognizable words here and there.

Eating and feeding herself goes well and I am glad every day that we chose to do Baby Led Weaning.

Teething continues on an almost daily basis and only a few remain to come through but they seem to be taking their time and causing both Jocelynne and all those around her as much grief as possible.

Jocelynne's ingenuity never ceased to amaze me and her lack of fear and self preservation give me fear EVER SINGLE DAY.

Some of her favorite things are to help me empty the washing machine, we have a front loader and she has figured out how to open the door and pull the laundry out or if the drum is empty leave me presents to find when I go to add the next load. She also loves to hand me clothes to hang on the rack to dry. When all the items to be hung are on the rack she very much enjoys pulling stuff off and handing them to me so I can hang them again.

Philip continues to love his job and we are so happy he has a job that allows him to be home with us every weekend. Almost unheard of in his trade.

I have passed my Weight Watchers training and have taken my first meeting and right now this tends to drain much of my free time. Just before I started training I reached my goal weight of 140lbs and am trying to learn how to maintain at that weight.

I also joined a gym which has nursery I can use while I work out allowing me to work out during the week while Philip is at work. I have really enjoyed the gym and love pushing myself and seeing the progress I am making. It still excites me when I think that last year I would be lucky to do 10 "girly" push ups and can now do 15 "real" push ups and am starting to push myself by doing them on the Power Plate or balanced on a fit ball.

Life moves quickly but is never dull and at the moment I just try to savour each moment even if I can't share it on the blog in the way I hope to.

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