Thursday, 7 April 2011

Nothing to Fear but Fear Itself

So I am not a jump right in kind of person, never have been. I like to think things over for a LOOOOOOOOONG time. Make up a pro and con list, do research, bang my head on the wall, drag my feet, get scared, chicken out, deal with all the guilt I can pile on myself IF it happens to be a bad decision before the decision is even made and then start back at step one and go through the whole process a few more times before I do anything. Yes you read right I berate myself for hypothetically making the wrong decision before I even make the decision. So this morning I finally made a decision I had been thinking about for over six months and have been seriously considering for the last three. In a lot of ways it’s a decision that would have been made for me in 3-6 months anyway I just decided to expedite the process. Got up (okay was woken by my lovely, adorable, love her to bits even when she wakes me at 5am with the worlds largest dirty diaper baby) put my baby in the car (after refreshing that diaper of course) headed to the shops and bought all the items needed and I started. The world did not end, I was not struck down by a lightning bolt, no one pointed at me in horror or disdain. If anything a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Maybe I should in the future stop after the research part and just go for it a little more often.


Anonymous said...

What were you making that you needed to gather items?
Read more of your old blogs. Love it that we share a similar sense of humor! IDK how your battle with smoking turned out, but wish you the best with that. I'm thinking about blogging some select bits about weight loss. Nervous, though.
Take care!

Michael5000 said...

So what's all the fretting and planning and shopping for? Are you starting a meth lab or something?