Saturday, 5 September 2009

Who flipped the switch?

Yes I realize that autumn follows summer I just didn’t realize that in England on August 31 at 11.59pm someone flips a switch and that’s it summer is over. I didn’t really realize last year as spring melted into summer and summer to fall. It was more like two seasons last year winter and not winter.

This year we had summer, not the mind blowingly hot for three months kind of summer, but hey I live in England more than one day in the 90s F is a gift. It all ended promptly on September 1st. It was oh so noticeable, the cold mornings, bright sunshiny cool afternoons and crisp evening that had the autumn smell.

I look over at our fire place as I type this and realize that I need to take down my bright cheerful summer banner and think about sourcing some mini pumpkins and Indian corn. The leafy twigs that sit in the urns by the fire place need to be pulled down from the attic and maybe I should think about some Halloween decorations. I can honestly say that this year I am excited for fall. Usually I mourn the days getting shorter, the darkness creeping in, and the temperatures dropping but this year I can’t wait to buy me some pumpkins.

Then there is the food! Cottage Pie, Toad in the Hole, endless soups, and meat pies.
I love the heavy stomach filling stick to your ribs kind of food that fall and winter bring. Brussels sprouts should make their appearance soon and I have found if you eat the baby Brussels they aren’t so bad. Fall deserts are yummy too, pumpkin cheese cake, pecan pie, zucchini bread with the last of the summer zucchini.

The best part of autumn however has to be the fact that the goose down duvet has been pulled down from the attic and I can look forward to its light but warm cover for months to come


Jo said...

It's so very true Emma...1st September and the cold and darker nights arrive with Autumn on it's way. Before you know it, it'll be Christmas...yikes!

Take care,


FB @ said...

I feel the same thing here in Canada. I am wondering where my cool crisp Autumn went now, because it's RAINING ALL THE DARN TIME !

Haha :)